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NID, NIFT Entrance Exam NIFT Entrance Exam 2014
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NIFT Situation Test Paper
NIFT Situation Test Paper 2017-18

Batch I
Q. 1. Create a 3D Model on any 1 of the following
  • Water Conservation
  • Wind Energy
  • Waste Management

Batch II
  • Nursery School
  • Polling Booth
  • Post Office

  • Thermocole Sheets-2
  • Cardboard-1
  • Ivory Sheet-1
  • Crepe Paper A3 Size -3Sheets
  • Plastic Scrubber
  • Tape roll-2(which is used in clinics)
  • Wire
  • Tooth Picks-8
  • Plastic Bottle (200ml)
  • Needle & Thread
  • Cotton Roll
  • Silver Glitter Tube

AFS Tips to get Top marks in NIFT Situation Test 2017-18

  • Think and idiolist about the exercise for 10-15 minutes.
  • Sketch out at least 3 final ideas . Choose one that is the most unusual and unique - something you have never seen before. Now, visualize how you will make it in 3-D.
  • Select the materials and colours suitable for your theme.It is not necessary to use each and every material given to you, unless asked otherwise.
  • Construct a stable form . Your work may be asessed the next day or after a few hours.
  • Neatness of work is very important. Cover the cardboard base neatly with paper. No raw edges of your work should be visible.
  • Explain your work in clear and concise text avoiding flowery and self-praising language .Make sure your handwriting is neat and easily readable.

Situation Test Paper For NIFT 2017-18

Tips to Get Top Marks in NIFT Situation Test 2017

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