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Top Fashion Designing Institutes in Abroad
Royal College of Art,UK.
The Nottingham Trent University , Nottingham, U.K.
Central St. Martins Coll. of Art & Design.
London College Of Fashion , London, U.K
De Montfort University , U.K
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, U.S.
Parsons,the New School of Design.U S.
Rhode Island school of Design. US.
School of Visual Arts,US.
Art Centre College of Design. US.
Algorguin College ofApplied Art and Technology , Canada
Institute Francais De La Mode, Paris, France
ESMOD, Paris, France
Domus Academy, Milano, Italy
Instituto MARAGNONI ,Italy & POLYMODA . Italy
Sydney Institute Of Technology, Australia,Melbourne College of Textiles, Australia
The Art Institute Of Seattle , Australia
NUS,Singapore. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore , Laselle

What is a Design Portfolio?
A Portfolio is a collection of your strongest artistic work that is presented as professionally as possible and depending on your area of talent, A visual arts/design portfolio should include 2-D and 3-D work executed in any medium that demonstrate both creativity and a grasp of basic artistic techniques and principles.

How to Start making a Design Portfolio ?
Keep a sketchbook or journal to build your creative ideas.
Whenever possible, work from direct observation
Take art , craft / Portfolio Guidance classes.
Use only original work-don't ''Borrow'' images.
Experiment with different media and techniques
Seek portfolio feedback from friends, teachers, professionals.

Things to Consider
Composition – placement or arrangement of elements in a work.
Drawing – demonstration of line weights, mark-making, proportion and medium.
Design – Overall unity achieved by combining elements of art and principles of design.
Value – relative darkness or lightness of a color.
Spatial Perception – understanding of spatial relationships of objects, as well as foreground, middle and background.
Technique – skillfulness in the use of fundamental methods and media.
Color Perception – general sensitivity to color and sophistication in its application.
Originality – capacity to think independently and transform the predictable; the quality of being new and original.
Conceptual Awareness – expression of clear idea and effective use of materials and processes to strengthen the concept.
Aesthetic Awareness – guiding principle in matters of artistic beauty and taste.

Compiling the Design Portfolio
Presentation Counts ! Think of your portfolio as a ''visual interview '' It must speak for itself. Strong Presentation shows work in its best light and indicates your ability to communicate in an effective manner.
Edit your portfolio by keeping only your strongest work(quality over quantity)Clearly label images to coincide with inventory information.
You may include supporting materials such as resumes, copies of awards and certificates, and relevant newspaper articles or other features.A portfolio inventory sheet must be included.

A Digital Portfolio
There are several ways to photograph artwork in order to create a professional digital portfolio. For each method, use large image size, JPEG file type, 100 ISO and auto white balance. Do not use a flash. Upload photographs to computer and use photo editing software to crop out all space surrounding the artwork. If applying for an Overseas Design Institute, , you may be required to submit a portfolio online. The online file management system SlideRoom is the preffered means of submission Or,you may be required to submit your portfolio by mail,send a CD,DVD or USB flash drive ..

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